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What the hell is Tumblr pro?



I may NEED a top hat. The cat’s ears are cold.

I really hope tumblr is in the midst of redesigning the bookmark applet (bookmarklet)…




because about a week ago - it suddenly lost most of it’s features - and it is very buggy right now.

bookmarklet needs definitely a redesign and needs to get its rich text editor back!

The Bookmarklet is the greatest thing about Tumblr. Often I’m on other sites and when I find something I want to share, that’s the ticket. I’m hating that it has lost its features, and I’m barely HTML-savvy enough to use it without the rich text editor.

It’s the step (or two) backwards that is really annoying.

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Has anyone else got a message from a new follower which asks you to check out their blog, and when you do, just because, you find the blog is completely empty?

In addition to the hacked posts  — two of my original posts have been removed, which makes me kind of wonder if the hack did not originate via some kind of worm in the tumblr applet.

But it is kind of a relief (really a big relief) to have my blog returned to my control.

My take away from the new activity page is — why am I doing this?

I am feeling a wee bit discouraged about the New Tumblr unimprovements. I’ve been thinking about virtually leaving facebook and G+ because they are so unpleasant — seriously my Tumblr experience is infinitely better, more informative and more pleasant, but now all feedback is under activity (on sub-blogs, it is not quite as bad on the main one). The whole thing is seeming a bit more like work and less like a kinda weird and interesting conversation.


I don’t want to know.

(I saw something about this earlier and had NO clew.)

edit: it appears we have to care or we won’t ever see any of the comments a post generates. Yet one more step, more work.

Among all the changes Tumblr has recently made there is ONE improvement (all the other changes are still annoying me). I can now edit my replies. I can go to the top and take out extraneous words or add some more detail if I have the room. It is a worthy improvement.

Moving the heart stuff to the bottom is logical, it saves scrolling back up to like something. It been great on the mobile version for months. As for the ads, where are they, I haven’t see any yet, but if I do, I’LL BE GONE!
Because I have to choose which blog I am posting to, I am still scrolling up and down posts.

Umm, Tumblr?


I don’t like pretty much anything enough to need to see a fluttering animated heart after clicking a link.

Talk about a disincentive …

That was my take until it was suggested I try clicking them on and then breaking them off. It still makes me laugh. I gotta admit, I still hope they come to their senses and turn the flying, flitting, fluttering and breaking hearts off.  But until they do I am going to play.

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I was away a few hours and Tumblr is up to no good.

I am not sure how I am going to cope with the advertising nonsense. I don’t watch television or listen to commercial radio for a reason. I may find them too much to accept. And more gifs, especially unwanted ones, is not going to fly.

As for moving the hearts and reblogs to the bottom - why? Change for the sake of change is a waste of money and energy. And as to the flying hearts just NO. Those things are going to put me right off hearting anything.