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How do you fancy these as alternatives to the traditional electricity pylons currently criss-crossing the landscape?  They’re one of six designs that made the shortlist of suitable replacements for the UK’s 88,000 pylons.

The UK apparently needs an upgrade of its transmission infrastructure, so the Royal Institute of British Architects, the Department of Energy & Climate Change and the National Grid appealed to various designers for options that balanced energy needs and visual impact.

You can see all six pylon designs on the Guardian website.

I’m honestly not sure what I think of them.  They all seem radically different to our iconic grey pylons and I have difficulty picturing any of them marching across my neck of the woods…….although, there must be a reason I picked this particular photo rather than any of the others?  Most likely the beautiful blue sky…..which has been in short supply this summer.

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Interview with Tariq Jahan, father of Haroon Jahan, one of the three Pakistanis killed last night during the riots in Birmingham. Tariq Jahan said he was trying to save the life of one of the victims when he learned that his son Haroon, had also been knocked over and was lying slumped on the road behind him. 

“He was 21 years old. He was a good lad. Everyone in the community knew him because he stood up for the community. […] I don’t know what to say. He was a good lad. Basically standing there, defending his community.”

Furthermore Tariq Jahan appealed for calm: “I don’t want the community to fall out with people that have got nothing to do with this, the community doesn’t need that.”

His loss for words and trying to make sense of the madness .. God, this really broke my heart.

(Source: BBC)

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Oh thank goodness…

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