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Congressional Progressive Caucus Presents Jobs Plan

Following up on speak outs it organized around the country during the summer  the Congressional Progressive Caucus Sept. 13 unveiled a far-reaching Rebuild the American Dream Framework, focusing on six areas for immediate and long-term job creation.

Calling the jobs proposal President Obama presented to the country last week “comprehensive,” and “a wonderful first step,” CPC co-chair Rep. Raul Grijalva, D-Ariz., told a Washington DC press conference, “We’d like to make it bigger.”Rep. Barbara Lee, D-Calif., told reporters,“It was so important to get out of Washington DC, and to participate with people, to listen to the stories so many people have told us, and to bring back their ideas and their thoughts about what we need to do next.”

The CPC’s Framework focuses on six areas:

  •  Make it in America Again: Develop a national plan for manufacturing, to reopen U.S. factories.
  •  Rebuild America: A national investment bank to rebuild roads, bridges, locks and dams, connect and empower the country with fiber optic cable.
  • Jobs for the Next Generation: Make “the guarantee of a good American job real for every young person,” through “direct employment in the public sector and incentives for hiring in the non-profit sector and private sector.” Provide stipends to workers and youth in job training programs.

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Now it’s our time to make sure it gets passed! Call! Write letters! Hold rallies and speeches! Let people know that there is a plan to help the working class.


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The Sherman Minton Bridge, one of three major bridges spanning the Ohio River between Louisville, KY and southern Indiana, was among the Kentucky bridges listed as deficient. And last night, the Sherman Minton Bridge was closed after further deficiencies, including cracks, were found…

more about Republican Congressional leadership’s opposition to infrastructure, here.

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Senator Bernie Sanders: Whistleblower


Proving once again that he’s possibly the only man in Congress actually concerned with the future of the middle/lower classes, Senator Bernie Sanders(I-VT) released confidential information on oil speculator positions leading up to the record oil costs in 2008. According to Reuters, Sen. Sanders released the information via email without revealing how he initially came into possession of the documents.

From Yahoo! Finance:

The leaked information has sparked concern at the Commodity Futures Trading Commission, which is legally prohibited from releasing confidential information that identifies trader positions and identities.

The leak also raises broader questions as U.S. regulators gear up to collect massive new amounts of private data from market players on everything from swaps and hedge funds to blueprints for how large financial firms can be liquidated. The breach of data could make Wall Street less reluctant to hand over sensitive information if they fear it is not appropriately safeguarded.

“This type of incident will have a chilling effect on derivatives trading in the U.S. because market participants will be reluctant to take the risk that their positions will be exposed to the public-and their competitors,” John Damgard, president of the Futures Industry Association, said in a statement sent to Reuters.

Republicans have already raised concerns in recent hearings about the Treasury’s new Office of Financial Research created by Dodd-Frank, and whether its collection of data from hedge funds and banks may constitute a regulatory overreach.

While members of the CFTC are not allowed to release information to the general public, members of Congress are allowed to request the information, and there are no laws barring them from releasing the information.

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