The Right Wing Obsession With Benghazi



“Fox News and the radio meat-puppets and the crank blogs are obsessed with Benghazi. It could be bigger than the Fast and the Furious scandal, and by that I mean a thimble full of flyshit no one cares about who’s not on the take.

The Obama haters want revenge for how we said Bush was asleep at the switch for 9/11, so they’re going to prove that Obama either ignored Benghazi, or lied about it afterwards, or possibly ordered it himself.

And that’s why he looked so tired in the first debate. He’d just gotten back from Libya, where he’d been firing mortar rounds at his own men.” - Bill Maher

The Republicans had not a care for a WMD scam [Hans Blix was UN inspector and found no WMD as Bush and Condi Rice were selling a mushroom cloud] or a litany of bogus information presented by Colin Powell [Bush based his war plan off a debunked Iraqi informant called Curveball] that led to a three trillion dollar war and thousands of dead Americans, now need to know all information in real time about Benghazi? Anything short of is a conspiracy of the highest levels?

The GOP are wasting time on so many issues, add this to the list.

The GOP has a boner for scandals and are hoping so desperately for one and won’t leave this alone.

Of course, they’ve always been like this, they will hammer and hammer and hammer and then continue to hammer even when all facts point to the contrary. 

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