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So I guess the Tampa police brought this out to face the Occupy protestors down there.  If the movement is looking for something discrete to protest, perhaps they could protest LOCAL POLICE OWNING TANKS.

The Tampa Police Department wins the award for most unnecessary ownership of a tank. Here’s another photo, for those who thought this was Photoshopped. (Our BS-meter was admittedly turned on there.) Here’s a description of the unit from the City of Tampa’s police site: “The 12-ton Armored Personnel Carrier (APC) can drive through five feet of water and withstand winds up to 130 mph helping police operate under the most severe conditions. The carrier, nicknamed “high-top shoe” for its tall silhouette look, can be used for search and rescue during a natural disaster or a terrorist attack. The APC is bullet resistant, can hold 13 passengers and it is virtually unstoppable. On pavement, it can reach speeds of 60 mph. This one of a kind APC was purchased from the military and it was paid for with a Federal security grant.”

And think about where the money came from and where the money went. I somehow doubt the money spent on this contraption stayed in Tampa? Who on earth did they think they were going to use this on and how much overtime and training could have been purchased in its place?

So this not so lovely waste of money should not have been posted in Natural stuff as there is nothing natural about it, probably time for me to eat dinner and quilt. 

Sorry for the blight amidst the nature — kind of like life I guess.

I can almost accept the idea that maybe it is a rescue vehicle — hopefully not for use on protests as it would surely squash people — for hurricane ravaged areas, except wouldn’t something more maneuverable with MUCH better visibility and less defensive posturing have been a better bet.

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    its for hurricane rescue n shit. but there is absolutely no reason to have it out…
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    That’s a pretty sweet ride. Check those steelies.
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    Just in case those peaceful protesters get testy
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    The only thing stopping this from going beyond protest/marching/assembly and control. Is our right to bear arms.. sadly.
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    Uhhhh, what? How exactly is this cutting spending? I don’t see the Tampa Police Dept. involved in any large scale...
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    That is a legit-looking tank though. I wonder what they need to use it for. Maybe some foreign threat was trying to...
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