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Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer

As “Carlo” walks around New York City, his gentle manner, warm smile, and crisp button-down shirts do nothing to betray that he has some $10,000 in illegal drugs stashed in his pockets.

In his 30s and from the Upper West Side, Carlo is a high-end dealer in some of New York’s purest narcotics. His current best seller is the chemical compound MDMA, popularly known as Molly. Each of the capsules he sells at $20 a pop gives a customer a four-hour euphoric high. On any given weekend, Carlo’s product is consumed by hundreds of New Yorkers. He clearly takes pride in his role sparking dance-floor romances across the city. One of his frequent clients calls him a “chemical cupid” and says Carlos’s MDMA is the most potent she’s ever experienced. With good-quality MDMA fast becoming one of the most sought-after drugs, Carlo has a prime spot in a very popular distribution pyramid.

During the evenings I spent accompanying Carlo on his rounds, I learned that his customer base included people of all walks of life. Within one four-hour period, I saw Carlo cater to NYU students, lawyers, artists, bankers, and a college professor—all ordering drugs to their apartments as casually as if it were Chinese food.

Read more. [Image: DEA/Reuters]

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Simple Depiction of Wealth Inequality In The U.S.

Research from the Institute for Policy Studies shows that recent Wall Street bonuses are way out of line with minimum wage earners.  Waaaay out of line.  And that’s just their bonuses.

Make you think twice about raising the minimum wage?  And think about this — there’s a greater economic impact because low-wage people spend most, if not all, of their money because they have to. They have to pay for a place to live, feed their families, clothe their kids, and so on and so forth. That spending has a much greater stimulative effect on the economy.

While high wage earners may spend more on big ticket items, they can also afford to stash extra cash in a bank.

The researchers estimate that every dollar going to low wage workers adds an estimated $1.21 to the economy whereas each dollar going to high-income households adds only $0.39.

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Guys, I just ate a five year old Peep.

It had a flavor.

I don’t recommend this flavor.

Sharing the experience so you don’t have to.

Occasionally I think about buying them, but I know one will be more than enough, they come in packs of multiples.  So I do without.

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Georgia’s new gun laws


Georgia just further relaxed its gun laws, paving the way to carry firearms in all kinds of places that no reasonably same person would want them to be.

College campuses, churches, bars, even airports.

Fail your first hijacking attempt? Now it’s not illegal to keep on trying!

Thanks to Georgia’s new law, if you attempt to sneak a gun through security (or are such a blatantly irresponsible and dangerous gun owner that you “forgot” it was on you) in the WORLD’S BUSIEST AIRPORT, you can no longer be arrested for it.

At least that’s the law’s intent. I guess we’ll see how it plays out when federal TSA agents find their next gun. I don’t know why, but I have a feeling race and ethnicity might play into the response just a bit.

Combined with the state’s “stand your ground” law, it’s not an exaggeration to say we now have the Pro-Stalker Act of 2014.

College campuses are now no longer the moderately safe places for students with obsessive stalkers to go. At least before this, despite the high rates of assaults against college-age women, a potential attacker could at least be arrested for carrying a gun to her school.

Now? Now, if he’s nervous that she’ll harm him in her defense (and he’s white), he can legally shoot her. Thanks, NRA.

Have you ever been threatened with violence by a random drunk in a bar? Usually they can be restrained until their friends or bouncers calm them down. After all, they’re drunk.

But hey! In the fun new Georgia of today, he’ll probably just kill you. Oh well, can I finish your beer?

Good thing that churchgoers aren’t like that. Passions never flare over religion. And people never seek out a church member on Sunday morning over jealousy or revenge.

Except that they do. Often. It’s no wonder that churchgoers overwhelmingly opposed this bill.

It’s no wonder that most Georgians opposed it, too. What’s hard to fathom is why Georgia legislators thought it was even necessary, much less a good idea.

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Please read guys this is so important, this is Stephen who was diagnosed with   colorectal cancer when he was 15 years old, his condition is no longer curable and he has taken a turn for the worst.

His goal is to raise £1 million (that is $1.6 million US dollars) for the Teenage Cancer Trust before he dies. He is in a very vulnerable position right now, one of his lungs has collapsed, he is in hospital fighting as hard as he can, but it is thought the end for him is very close. He has currently raised £690,000. Can we all please try and get him to £1 million? What better way for him to leave this earth, knowing the difference he has made in his 19 years. Having his life taken away from him so soon is so awful to comprehend, but knowing he has raised such a substantial amount for a charity who has helped him throughout this whole ordeal, a charity that will forever remain close to my heart, and one that helps thousands of teenagers suffering from cancer across the UK and beyond. 

I don’t know how else to spread the word that post it on here and hope that some people will donate, please consider it, if you are unable to, please keep Stephen in your thoughts and pray for his family.

His donation page is: https://www.justgiving.com/Stephen-Sutton-TCT

His Twitter is: https://twitter.com/_StephensStory

His Facebook page is: https://www.facebook.com/StephensStory

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