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The kind of humor Limbaugh uses troubles me deeply, because I have spent much of my professional life making fun of politicians. I believe it is a great American tradition and should be encouraged. We should all laugh more at our elected officials—it’s good for us and good for them. So what right do I have to object because Limbaugh makes fun of different pols than I do? I object because he consistently targets dead people, little girls, and the homeless—none of whom are in a particularly good position to answer back. Satire is a weapon, and it can be quite cruel. It has historically been the weapon of powerless people aimed at the powerful. When you use satire against powerless people, as Limbaugh does, it is not only cruel, it’s profoundly vulgar. It is like kicking a cripple.
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The minimum wage needs to be a living wage. The business-side discomfort with raising the wage would be more understandable if every sector was hurting. But it isn’t. The rich are richer than ever, corporate profits are at record highs, the stock market is soaring. We don’t need to coddle McDonalds and WalMart by paying their employees less than living wages. But in any case, raising the minimum doesn’t hurt the economy at all. It actually creates more jobs.
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Oslo covered in flowers.

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Can’t call yourself a Christian and cast these children away ESPECIALLY if you pride yourself on being “pro-life”.

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Q: Today you saw the children lying on the beach. What was it like to see this but be unable to help?

Tyler Hicks: It was clear that these children were beyond help. I was very close to three of the four children who were killed and it was clear that they had been killed instantly. Had there been some way to help them I certainly would have. Because Gaza is so small ambulance crews arrive almost immediately when something happens.

Image: A civilian carries one of four Palestinian cousins killed by an Israeli air strike while playing on a beach in Gaza, by Tyler Hicks via The New York Times. Read the Times’ interview with Hicks about reporting from Gaza. Select to embiggen.

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Controversial Hobby Lobby Bible Elective Now Delayed In Oklahoma


Citing “unforeseen delays,” the Green Scholars Initiative has announced that a potentially unconstitutional Bible class will not be introduced in Mustang, Okla., public schools as planned this fall, and will instead delay the class until next January. The Green Scholars Initiative designed the class and is directly funded by the Green family, the owners of Hobby Lobby.

Religion News Service reports that the Initiative intends to make further changes to the curriculum’s content in order to correct “overreaching.”

“We have operated on an aggressive timeline to deliver the curriculum for the upcoming school year,” said its representative, Jerry Pattengale. He explained that it’s not the end of the Bible class. “We will continue to work with Mustang and other school districts that have shown interest,” he said.


The Mustang school board also announced that it will retain the services of the Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) – a sure sign that it expects litigation over the matter. Critics, including Americans United, have accused the school board of circumventing Oklahoma’s open meeting laws in order to meet with the Greens about the Bible class.

Although this  isn’t the last we’ll hear of the Bible class, it’s a setback for Steve Green and the Green Scholars Initiative. As I reported previously on this blog, Green recently described the class is the “fourth leg” of his personal Christian ministry. And in a 2013 speech to the National Bible Association, he said, “That’s our goal, so that we can reintroduce this book to this nation. This nation is in danger because of its ignorance of what God has taught.” Green also has strong ties to disgraced fundamentalist preacher Bill Gothard.


Americans United also obtained a copy of the curriculum, which our legal team is reviewing.

The class seems to be written from a Christian standpoint – and not just any Christian standpoint, either. It’s a peculiarly Protestant perspective, and the influence of Biblical literalism on the text is unmistakable. The Genesis account of human origins is treated as fact, for example. 

“Even more astounding, God placed human beings in a garden full of food he had made for them. This contrasts with the Near Eastern view that the job of humans is to provide food and entertainment for the gods. Everything is different!” it asserts.

Green has also stated, repeatedly, that the class is intended to complement his planned Bible museum in Washington, D.C., which will present the Bible as literal fact.

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We are doomed

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